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My Dutch Garden (In Dutch: Mijn Tuinonderhoud) supplies garden products and garden maintenance (in The Netherlands) to private and business customers. Our starting point is to provide good garden products and services that are affordable for everyone. There is an offer for every budget. Our approach is no nonsense and is based on the relationship between people. No hassle and no bureaucracy, customers are just people and not a number. We think along with you in options and advice, but your garden remains your garden.

Our aim is to provide sustainable services and products as far as possible. For example, we do not use chemical products for patio cleaning and garden maintenance. Where possible and desirable, we recycle plants and materials such as tiles and stones. We also try to recycle pruning waste into compost as much as possible. Do you have any tips on how we can do it better? Please let us know!

Corporate Social Responsibility
We involve vulnerable people in gardening activities, that require several people. These are people who, for example, have dropped out of their education prematurely, or have a history of detention or a disability, or find it difficult to find work for some other reason. We provide guidance and supervision of the execution of the work by the people. Before they start working at My Garden Maintenance, they receive a thorough intake with us and we check their motivation and attitude. Our starting point is therefore: everyone deserves a second chance, but you have to grab it yourself with 2 hands.

Do you have questions about products or about our services or products? Are you missing products in our webshop or in our overview of services? Or do you have a comment? Please contact us at:

* Phone number (+31)-(0)85-8000222
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